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about me


I  absolutely love sex, so let's start by getting that out of the way.  The tingle in your stomach when the other person first touches you. Tasting one another, the hurried way our tongues move across each other's bodies. The way our skin feels while we drag our nails across it, lost in a tangle of sheets, the heavy breathing, the moaning, the red flush. Let's not forget about the mental anticipation. The flirting, our imaginations running wild with different wants, needs, desires. The way a few words can make your knees feel weak.

I crave & enjoy every aspect of sex, & I am relatively insatiable. I am a hedonist, & truly get off on the other person's pleasure. We all desperately need to feel wanted, & that is a need I hope to help you fulfill. When we're together, know that making you feel good is my priority, & I never rush, clock-watch, or limit the amount of times we can make each other cum.

There are four S's that I like to use to describe myself: sweet, shy, submissive, & slutty. I am a very naughty girl & enjoy having that drawn out of me. I'm naturally submissive & am very familiar with different types of roleplay & areas of BDSM. This goes along with my need-to-please nature. Expect a girl-next-door type with a secret slutty side.

I am a genuinely kind & sweet girl, & while sex may be the main reason you sought me out, I hope to offer you more than that. With a graduate-level education in human services, I am an empathetic & intelligent listener, & have a quick wit & sarcastic sense of humour. My goal is to cultivate a working relationship together, one which you can comfortably call upon when you need. I am a low-volume provider, & I want to inspire you to come back for more than just how good I am with my mouth.

~ emma

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