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CAR 30 MIN $200

We take a little detour and pull over somewhere inconspicuous. One at a time we get in the back seat. As soon as that door is closed, your mouth is on mine. I'm a good girl and keep my clothes on, but let me give you something to remember for next time.


Car menu options include:


+  DFK



+ deep-throating

+ finish in my mouth w/ swallow

Other ideas: dirty talking, touching me over my clothes, jerking off while I watch/touch


Restriction: I will keep my clothes on for this, but you can take my tits out if you'd like. Also, there is only one round, no MSOG.

CAR 1 HR $280

A little more risk...a little more reward. Get my clothes off, bend me over in the backseat, & let's fog up the windows.

Additions to the 1 HR car date:

+ 420 friendly

Other ideas: dirty talking, touching me/fingering

Restriction: YMMV - not all of these options are guaranteed. Unless you have a very large SUV/truck, there will not be any full service options available or DATY - trying to figure out how to make things work in a cramped vehicle can take the fun out of things. I will also wear a dress but will not be getting fully naked in case we need to make a quick getaway.



Car play can be a lot of fun, but it is very important that we play after dark. The risk of being caught is high & fun enough without adding a public indecency charge because an old lady saw what I was doing to you.


We can "party" in the car, regardless of the option you choose, but 420 is only available at the beginning of an off-roading session.

Also there are unfortunately no MSOG options available.

car experience

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