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PSE LITE $350/HR $520/90 $650/2HRS

This is a nice halfway point between a more basic GFE & a much heavier/kinkier PSE Full. Let's bring in toys, outfits, & maybe a little face-fucking. This is my favourite package option, in case you were wondering.


Additional fun included in this package:





 + face-fucking

+ facials

+ rougher play (hard spanking, slapping, light choking)

+ lite D/s play - namecalling (Daddy, Sir, slut, whore)

+ cock-worshipping

PSE FULL $440/HR $600/90 $780/2HR

Let's get kinky. This session is much heavier, dirtier, rougher. We can explore much more of the BDSM spectrum, play with fetishes, anal, restraints, & much more prior communication before our session so we both know what we're getting into. If you want to slap me while I say thank you, Daddy & then face-fuck me until I can't remember my own name, then this one's for you.

Additional fun included in this package:

+ anal play - including digits, toys, & of course, you

+ roleplay

+ fetish play - restraints, punishments, forced orgasms, ageplay, etc. Pls advise of your fetish & we can see if we can act it out.

Things involving anal play are subject to some factors, such as how I am feeling that day, whether we’ve discussed it before, whether I can handle your size, &, in regard to rimming, the client’s hygiene.

Safeword of RED is always in place - this means stop, regardless of what menu items you had in mind. Yellow means slow down. Rarely have I ever had to use my safeword, but respect & trust is crucial. Checking in & asking how I am doing is important.

Please also note that the full PSE option is the only one that includes anal penetration. This means that if you want to put a finger inside my ass, you're going to have to pick this option.

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