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This is a polite date where we keep our hands to ourselves, besides a quick teasing hug. Maybe you're new to this, maybe you're just getting back into the dating scene. Or maybe you just like the tension created when you know we can't touch each other. If things go well, we can always move this forward into a longer date, but no pressure. Gentleman pays.

SOCIAL 1 HR $200

Maybe you have a concert you need a plus one to, or you feel up to going out dancing or playing a few slots. Maybe a coffee date just isn't quite long enough, and you'd rather have dinner. Whatever the case may be, I'd love to join you. Ideally, this would be followed up by a more private get together, but it's not required (you tease!). Light kissing is acceptable, but please not too much PDA. Activities are covered by the gentleman, and you have to get me home at a reasonable hour. Unless...


If you would like to play before or after a social date, please let me know & we can come up with an agreement on rate.

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