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​​hair color: strawberry blonde
eye color: dark brown
height: 5'6
bra size: 38H (reduced from K)

panties: l/xl
shoe size: 7​

I am a thicker & very curvy girl. While I suppose I would fall under a BBW category, that term has never quite sat right with me. Plus, I am much more stacked up top, rather than having the large hips & ass typically associated with that term. But please make no mistake, I am not a thin girl. I carry my weight well, which is why I leave out specific numbers. I have a soft tummy, a perky & curvy ass, & very pale, soft skin. I'm a fan of big hair, big lashes, & big earrings, & I'm very feminine. I am tattooed, but not heavily - four total with the most prominent one on my chest. I put effort into my hair, makeup, nails, & perfume, & have done plus-size modelling. I promise you'll like me looking up at you.