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  • no photos/videos for new clients - if you are open to recording content for my OnlyFans, please let me know. Any and all content will be recorded on my phone. This is only if we have seen each other before. You will also need to sign a waiver so that I can post the content.

  • no BBFS

  • no marking/bruises resulting from heavy impact play, biting, or intense groping. I have sensitive skin & bruise easily.

  • no sneaking PSE activities into GFE (e.g. don't put a finger in my ass)

  • please do not go from anal to vaginal penetration without a barrier change/hand washing

  • no digital anal penetration for you/prostate massage – I have long sharp nails & this is not something I personally feel comfortable offering (with or without gloves)

  • no “mean” dominance – e.g. calling me ugly, piggy, bitch, stupid

  • I do not provide Domme services, pegging, or anal penetration for you. I am very naturally submissive.

  • no latex condoms or latex gloves – I am very allergic to latex; I will provide Skyn condoms

  • safeword of RED is always in place – this means stop, regardless of what menu items you had in mind. Rarely have I ever had to use my safeword, but respect & trust is crucial.